Registration for A1 Fun Club, Newmarket

Fees for A1 Fun Club:

Breakfast Club (6:30-7am)         £4.60 all children

Breakfast Club (7am-9am)         £3.80 per hour (School Children)

Day Nursery                               £5.70 per hour over 2 years

                                                £5.90 per hour under 2 years

After School Club                        £10.20 per session

Holiday Club                               £23.50 per day / £ 14.50 half day

Plus £2.50 for drop off / collection (Breakfast / After School Clubs)

Tea £1.75

Paddocks Breakfast Club

First Child                                  £3.75 per session

Additional Siblings                     £3.50 per session


We pride ourselves in having excellent links with our parents and carers and we are always available to discuss your child's development and welfare.

Should you require a nursery prospectus or registration form, please do not hesitate to contact us.